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Divyansh Sehgal

Copyright challenges in India

Intellectual Property (IP) refers to the creations of the mind including inventions, designs, symbols, names, images, literary and artistic works used in commerce[1]. IP enable the owner/creator of the IP to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they have invented or created, for example, trademarks, patents, copyright,...

Divyansh Sehgal

Analysis of vaccines to tackle Covid-19 with patent review

Abstract As humans are spreading throughout the world, infectious diseases have been a constant companion such as Bubonic Plague (200 Million deaths), 17th Century Great Plague (3 Million deaths), Plague of Justinian (30-50 Million deaths), etc. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) which was published on 11th January 2020 showing the intensity of...

Satyabrata Sahoo

Challenges and Opportunities in Entrepreneurship in India

Abstract: Entrepreneurship plays a paramount role in the magnification and development of the economy of any country. Entrepreneurship acts as a vaccine for a nation's economic prosperity, leading to the generation of employment opportunities, national income, rural development, technological development, industrialization, export promotion, etc. Many institutes and companies are involved...

Divyansh Sehgal

How secure are you Online?

Abstract: This paper comprises of why protection of personal data privacy should be looked upon as a matter of concern. This paper also focuses on the Indian legislations which protects or safeguards data in India. Our personal data is dear to us all and people live their lives in the...

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