Challenges and Opportunities in Entrepreneurship in India

Challenges and Opportunities in
Entrepreneurship in India
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Entrepreneurship plays a paramount role in the magnification and development of the economy of any country. Entrepreneurship acts as a vaccine for a nation's economic prosperity, leading to the generation of employment opportunities, national income, rural development, technological development, industrialization, export promotion, etc. Many institutes and companies are involved in entrepreneurship development activities, and some join these programs as a stepping stone to becoming an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs convert conceptions into economic opportunities through innovations considered a significant source of competitiveness in an increasingly globalizing world economy. Ergo, most regimes strive to augment the supply of competent and ecumenically competitive entrepreneurs in their respective countries. The primary purport of this research is to understand the paramountcy of entrepreneurship in India. Numerous factors need to be considered while expertise the significance of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs experience several opportunities and challenges inside the direction of pursuance in their goals and targets.

Keywords: Behaviour, Perception, Economic Development, Commercial Banks, Challenges, Opportunities, Enterprises, Statistical Analysis, T-Test, correlation, Random Forest.

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