Public health issues, research on health systems, HTA and HEOR. We provide primary and secondary research on areas like health system, UHC, HTA, emerging diseases, NCDs, mental health, medical education, women’s health. Our vision is to help achieve a framework that ensures health coverage at every stage of life, with particular emphasis on primary health services, to ensure that all people receive quality health services without suffering financial hardship.

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Shipra Agarwal

India's Unmet Need For Rare Diseases

As per the estimate, approximately 6 to 8% of people are affected by rare diseases worldwide. According to the estimate in 2016, in India about 72–96 million people are affected by any rare disease.

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The Public Shouldn’t Pay for Drugs Twice

Pharma companies often reap the rewards of public spending. The U.S, every new drug approved by the FDA between 2010 and 2019 has relied on grants from the NIH. The companies sometimes turn around and charge the public exorbitant prices for the same drugs.

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