Mental Health & Illness and Extreme Weather Conditions In India

Mental Health &  Illness and Extreme Weather Conditions In India
Photo by Atul Pandey / Unsplash


In today’s world, climate change is an extensive problem. There has been a significant increase in greenhouse emissions, rise in temperatures, sea-level rise and so on. As a result, there has been a significant change in weather events. Floods, cyclones and earthquakes are on the rise. India which is already vulnerable to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and droughts has faced tremendous pressure from climate change. Such natural disasters not only damage the physical entities but it also damages the mental state of a human being. This paper will study the impact of climate change on the mental health of people. There is a pressing need for integrating medical services and mental health services towards the treatment of the affected population. Our National Health Policy 2017 and Mental Health policy, 2014 and Mental Health Care Act, 2017 does not fully adhere to this assimilation.

Keywords: Mental health, Mental illness, Climate Change, Floods, cyclones, Mental Health Policy

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