Health, Social and Legal Systems, IP & Innovation, and Data

This section will explore the latest research done in the areas of health, society, IP and Innovation using data science as its core lens.

Health - Sanrachna Foundation
Public health issues, research on health systems, HTA and HEOR.We provide primary and secondary research on areas like health system, UHC, HTA, emerging diseases, NCDs, mental health, medical education, women’s health. Our vision is to help achieve a framework that ensures health coverage at every…
Law&Society - Sanrachna Foundation
Our research on law & society.
IP&Innovation - Sanrachna Foundation
Innovative Ideas & Expressions Introduction- From providing primary & secondary research to writing/publishing papers, articles, reports, organizing events, recommending policies to the government, and writing newsletters, We at Sanrachana, to make knowledge accessible, do everything under the sun…
DataScience - Sanrachna Foundation
Making data accessible!