Education Technology (EdTech) - India & China

Education Technology (EdTech) - India & China
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World in mid of a pandemic, battling and racing to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, has kept most students indoors. Since education is a fundamental necessity for a good life, the role of technology, such as AI is considered to be an assistive learning tool in teaching and hence to protect learning, enters ‘education technology’ or ‘EdTech’.

EdTech technology is evolving every minute, therefore crystallizing all business models of EdTech will be difficult, but some current businesses relying on EdTech are

1. Online Tutorials

2. Certification and Degree Courses

3. Credit Transfers

4. Gamification

5. Television channels and Platforms

6. Knowledge sharing platforms and teaching assistance tools

7. Big Data 8. Cloud Computing

9. E-Commerce and Payment Systems

According to KPMG, by 2021 the online education market in India will be valued at $1.96bn. The ongoing pandemic has spurred the need of adopting technology and pedagogy in Indian families. Currently, India is in an eccentric position to capture the growing market of EdTech with the involvement of students and professionals equally engaging in the learning opportunities. EdTech, in layman’s understanding, is, assisting education through technological tools to enhance learning. Students in the kindergarten to 12th grade(K-12) are referred to as the K-12 segment and other segments include college students and working professionals.

Some of the start-ups in the Education sector in India which are gradually emerging and changing the world regarding the education scene in India are listed below.

List of Ed-Tech Companies of India

• Byju’s

• Toppr

• Vedantu

• Meritnation

• Unacademy

• UpGrad and many more like these.

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