Chronicles Of GIs - From Fasting to Feasting: The Tale of Hyderabadi Haleem

Awarded the title of most popular GI in 2022, the Hyderabadi Haleem has a long and rich history.

Chronicles Of GIs - From Fasting to Feasting: The Tale of Hyderabadi Haleem

'Hyderabad Haleem' is a beloved meat dish deeply rooted in Hyderabad's culinary traditions, prepared particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. This high-calorie stew is a perfect way to break the fast at 'Iftar.' It consists of equal proportions of wheat, ghee, and meat, combined with aromatic spices, nuts, and fragrant Basmati rice. Garnished with clarified butter, it has a distinctive brownish-golden-yellow hue and a smooth, paste-like consistency.

Hyderabadi haleem achieved a significant milestone in 2010 when it became India's first non-vegetarian dish to receive Geographical Indication status (GIS). Its cultural importance and popularity were acknowledged by the Indian GIS registry office. Furthermore, in October 2022, Hyderabadi Haleem was awarded the 'Most Popular GI' award in the food category by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

'A Brisk walk around the Charminar bazaar is enough for one to get acquainted with the immense popularity of Haleem in this old city. Haleem eating competitions are held throughout the city. The city does not merely take pride in its art of preparing Haleem but rather celebrates it.
The streets are engulfed by the overpowering smell of Haleem. The piping hot dish is served in a bowl with a garnish of coriander leaves, ginger julienne, lemon, fried onion and cashews. I distinctly remember the first spoon of Haleem bursting with flavours. A truly spicy affair. The strong meaty flavour is well complemented by all the spices. The taste of ghee, not only gave it a distinct flavour but also a rich buttery texture. The texture of Haleem is exceptionally peculiar and can be best described as a porridge or perhaps a thick sticky stew. The meat and pulses are so well blended that one cannot taste the two separately."

-An excerpt from "The Legendary Haleem of Hyderabad" by Akriti Anshu Kujur

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Written by Ms. Khushi Kesari and Ms. Shivani Singh