She is passionate about investigating behavioural and political economic issues and their implications for socioeconomic, institutional, and policy issues.

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Z: Deciphering a symbol of war-mongering through behavioural lens

Can Symbols affect behaviour? This newsletter highlights how language is inherently political and carries historical connotations that can influence human interactions. Words and symbols have both a denotative meaning and a set of connotations based on their usage history.

Khushi Kesari

News has a design problem.

The problem is news has a design problem, bad design is a function of the broken news ecosystem. Now more than ever, we need further research to understand why the events of the past few years have significantly impacted the lives of people across the world.

Shivani Singh

The Mind & Market of Counterfeit Goods

This week's IP Wave is about the Market of Counterfeit Goods. The sale of fake luxury goods is estimated to be worth USD $600 billion a year worldwide with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci among the biggest targets for counterfeiters.

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