The hunt for a cure for the Novel Coronavirus is underway as research organizations, scientists, and medical researchers are working tirelessly to develop potential treatments and vaccine work at speed to find safe drug/vaccines and medicines against the deadly virus. More than 295 therapeutics and 109 vaccines are currently in development to tackle COVID-19. This paper focuses on the analysis of 10 promising vaccines (declared by WHO) and its patent review from recently published data, which have been developed or modified and have shown efficacy and good results in the clinical trial phases around the globe and give hopes for a better tomorrow. The analysis consists of clinical trial data of the vaccines/drug, the vaccine's working mechanism, and its patent review.

Keywords: COVID-19, Vaccines, Drugs, Patent Review, Vaccine for COVID-19, Coronavirus


Over the past decade, the scientific community and the vaccine industry has been asked to respond immediately to epidemics of H1N1 influenza, Zika, Ebola, and SARS-CoV2. Even having the novel platforms like during H1N1 influenza vaccine technology was well developed, resulting in the rapidly making of the vaccine. But for SARS-CoV2, even with the novel platforms, vaccine development faces few challenges. The virus’s spike protein is a promising immunogen for protection, and optimizing antigen design is critical to ensure an appropriate immune response. Secondly, pre-clinical experience with vaccine candidates for SARS and MERS has raised serious concerns about exacerbating lung disease directly or as a result of antibodies. Doctors and organizations have been trying many existing drugs, such as malaria medications, to anti-influenza to Ebola, to save patients from deadly coronavirus. Moreover, developing a safe, effective vaccine against a new pathogen generally takes years because, unlike experimental treatments here, it’s difficult to know that the vaccine has worked or not.

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