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Sanrachna Foundation

Does banning plastic work?

This week TBR talks about the intricate pathway through which plastic ends up in waste and beyond is an unusual public policy problem. It affects around 2.2 Billion people living around the coastline, and the ramification from health, to ecological conservation are staggering.

Aurko Chakrabarti

The West Wing- Vision Of Sorkin

This piece by Aurko Chakrabarti takes a look at The West Wing which is a political drama that pushed the boundaries of storytelling on the television and has a strong cultural influence having inspired many television shows based in political settings of different varieties.

Satyabrata Sahoo

Python OOPS… (PART-II)

Mr. Satyabrata writes about different access specifiers, inheritance and its types, the super() function, method overriding, encapsulation, and polymorphism in object-oriented programming (OOPs).

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