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Revived by Skill India initiative, 'Namda' the near-extinct traditional woollen rug of of Jammu & Kashmir finds place in European markets. Nearly 2,500 artisans from six districts in Jammu and Kashmir were trained in Namda craft. To further boost production, the Department of Handicraft Kashmir, with the help of the central government, is setting up a raw material bank.

Ever wondered where and how a bell in temples across the State is manufactured? Andhra's Ajjaram village has been manufacturing brass bells for three generations. With a little over 2,700 population, as many as 2,500 are into manufacturing brass items, making it a livelihood for generations. Their bells are also used in some churches in the United States.

NIFT Gandhinagar in collaboration with Govt of India presented a fashion evening showcasing rich crafts, design and fabrics at the G20 Finance Ministers’ Cultural Dinner evening. Wide array of crafts like mukaish, zardosi, chikankaari, aari kaam, motifs, mirror work and embroidery from Kutch, etc. were displayed at the fashion show.

Interesting Data Point

In 2021-22, the total exports of Indian handicrafts were valued at US$ 4.35 billion, a 25.7% increase from the previous year.

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When sustainability meets Indian craft, functionality and fashion: In an interview to Mint Lounge, multidisciplinary artist and space designer Mahesh Sharma talks about his forthcoming sustainable furniture showcase and designing fashion show presentations.

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The Craft Week..
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