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Bridging the education gap…

Under the 'Didi ki Library’ initiative, at least a hundred community libraries have been set up in rural areas across Bihar by the state government, giving girl students from poor families safe space to catch up on their studies.

UGC launched the platform UTSAH (Undertaking Transformative Strategies and Actions in Higher Education)to provide a platform for higher education institutions to showcase their achievements, share best practices, and engage in knowledge-sharing with other institutions. This portal will also provide information about UGC’s initiatives for qualitative reforms in higher education.

The first forensic institute of Uttar Pradesh is going to begin teaching from July. The institute will not only train cops but also provide new research in the field of forensic science.

Interesting DATA point

India’s ultra wealthy population to grow by 58.4% in the next five years: Knight Frank

Long Read - Art & Culture

Can private museums enhance Indian culture? Museums in India are largely dependent on government support. Other than a few success stories most of these museums are unable to attract public interest. Can private initiatives really turn the Indian museum story around? Abhishek Poddar, the founder trustee of Museum of Art & Photography explores this question in his article on Openthemagazine.

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