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Compassion - President Droupadi Murmu launched Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan September 9, 2022. Under this, the Nikshay Mitra aspect paves the way for Individuals, non-profits, institutions, and corporations to “adopt” tuberculosis (TB) patients to support their nutritional needs, additional diagnostics, and vocational training.

Self-Reliance – Just 200 villagers of Bogasadam village in Chatra district, Jharkhand, used locally available material like bamboo, wood, nut-volts, tires, nails, and ropes to build a 200-feet long bridge across a river in two days.

Awareness - To make people in villages aware about online threats, two West Bengal government departments have jointly prepared a special edition magazine on cyber security.

Knowledge - Indian origin research investigator, Sonali Chaturvedi of Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco, has helped developed a single-dose, intra-nasal treatment that not only reduces symptoms of multiple Covid variants but also shedding of the virus.

Creativity - The Prohibition Department of Bihar government is encouraging rural women to make glass bangles from seized liquor bottles to reduce waste and also provide them livelihood.

Restoration - Captain (Retd) Santhosh Kumar has been on a mission to restore stormwater drains in Anekal, near Bengaluru.  Storm water Drains prevent flooding by redirecting excess water. Encroachment of lakes around Bangaluru has resulted in blockages in urban drainage systems.

Interesting Long Read Available on the Indian Web

Rajiv Dogra’s new book analyses with pragmatism the shifting geo-political and economic weight towards the Indo-Pacific region, and wants India to be more actively engaged with the region and its ‘Look East’ policy.

Exciting Data Point

Sex Ratio in India Nears the Natural Ratio

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