Research Team

Research Team

We are a research organisation which aims to provide multifaceted content with an academic focus. Our team collaborates with both public and private institutions to help create innovative strategic solutions. Sanrachna Foundation was founded in 2019.

Executive Director

Amogh is the Executive Director at Sanrachna Foundation. He is Health & Environmental Economist with an interest in behaviour economics.

Abhilasha Semwal | Program and Process Manager

L.L.M in Business Laws from Amity University Noida. She holds 1 year of industrial experience and has 7 years of academic experience as an Assistant Professor of Law.

Aurko Chakrabarti | Narrative Designer

An independent young mind, Aurko's interests lie in the world around him. He is an avid reader, who occasionally dabbles in writing himself. In his free time, he watches sports with a preference for MMA or Football. He lives by the philosophy that 'you should never laugh at others till you can learn to laugh at yourself'.

Bhupesh Upadhyay | Senior Data Visualisation Engineer

A Data interpreter, analyst, and a visualization engineer with a proven track record in transforming large data sets into progressive insights through the creation of infographics, maps, interactive media, and clear and convincing product designs.

Farheen Yousuf | Political Economy & Behavioral Researcher

She is passionate about investigating behavioural and political economic issues and their implications for socioeconomic, institutional, and policy issues. At Sanrachna, she intends to address the "convergence" of these factors using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including experimental economics, formal modeling, and mixed methods research. She believes that narratives can be powerful tools for understanding social phenomena and hopes to contribute to research that furthers our understanding in these fields. Aside from work, she spends her time dancing (badly), reading new books, and watching anime.

Khushi Kesari | Research Assistant

Khushi has a background in history and is now pursuing a Master's degree at University of Delhi. Her interests include Indian culture, art, architecture, and history. She wishes to use her academic knowledge and skills to contribute towards strengthening, protecting and preserving the rich history of Indian culture.

Neeti Goutam | Strategic Lead-Communications

She has journeyed from studying Philosophy and Demography, to understanding and identifying her team's strengths and weaknesses. This has helped her to more effectively channelize their work on various multimedia platforms. She is known for being a quick learner.

Raghav Sibal | Multimedia & Interactivity Artist

He is always up to date with the on going trends. Being a Gen-Z, he is passionate about making videos for social media and editing them in interesting ways. Being a food lover, he loves to explore different eateries.

Shipra Agarwal | Senior Qualitative Researcher-Healthcare

She is an active qualitative researcher who has worked on healthcare issues for over four years now. Before joining Sanrachna, she worked with NITI Aayog as a researcher after completing her Masters in applied economics. The research she conducts is secondary at both national and international levels. A positive attitude is evident in her ability to bind her team, her passion for cooking, and her commitment to stay active at work.

Shivani Singh | Legal Researcher - IP

She has done BBA LL.B (Hons.) from ICFAI Law School, and various ceritifications in IPR, she's a IP junkie. She works on legal projects especially the ones that pertain to Innovation, IP, and research in concentric areas of legal and economic interests. Making contacts and solving problems are her USP.

Venkatram V.P. Rai | Junior Research Officer

Venkatram is a Jr. research officer at Sanrachna Foundation. He is passionate about History and Politics and socio-cultural issues. He also likes reading books, watching movies, flaffing about politics.